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Join us for our new sermon series Sunday morning at 10:00 am!

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  *Prayer Meeting 8:30 am  

  *Bible Class 9:00 am

  *Women's Bible Study 9:00 am

  *Worship Service 10:00a.m.

Sermon Series - The Good Life

Sunday mornings at 10:00 am

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The Good Life - Sermon Series

Sunday mornings at 10:00 am

The Good Life: The Sermon on the Mount is the most influential speech in human history with no close second. Multiple times in this single speech Jesus dropped a bomb shell that altered religious though. Each week we will look at one of those revolutionary statements that literally changed the course of history.


APRIL 9  //  10:00 am

We would like to invite you to worship with us on Easter Sunday! Please bring your family and friends to celebrate the most told story of all time.

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