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Life Groups are a great way for you to get connected and grow in your faith with others, enjoy Christian community and fellowship, expect a warm time of fellowship, food, Bible study, and prayer.

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Life Group Discussion Sheets

Group Portrait of Friends

Heart of Worship - Week 1

If we are to worship God, then we must work to know him in every way he offers, and this will require commitment and devotion.

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Heart of Worship - Week 3

By committing to a life of generosity, we keep God on the throne of our hearts while living out his live in our lives.

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Life Group - Time/Guideline

The process is simple.  The curriculum is the Bible.  The teacher is the Holy Spirit.  The priority is obedience.  The result is multiplication.

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Heart of Worship - Week 2

It's exciting to be able to show God's love for others - believers and non-believers alike.  We must be intentional and attentive to the needs of others so we can serve them as God would intent.

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Heart of Worship - Week 4

Worshiping God from our hearts, and doing so with others as they learn to worship, will help us find a deeper understanding of how we were all built.

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